LES Storage

Why are you doing this?

I have a dedi with arround 1TB of storage in France, so why not give people free Backup Storage for LES Boxes?
Raid or HDD failures do happen, so better have a place to backup.

Does that Dedicated has any redundancy?

No, currently not. The Storage should be used only for backup purposes.
The Network is stable, Support is fast otherwise I would not use this Provider (It's Not Kimsufi).

Which Providers from the Lowendspirit Project do you Support?

All Providers, as long the IP is whitelisted.

Can I connect over IPv6?

Currently not, it should be available soonTM.

I bought a NAT VPS from a Lowendspirit Provider but I still cannot connect, what Now?

I could be that the IP changed from the Node, ContactUS and we will get the IP Whitelisted again.

Can I Upgrade my Backup Storage when I used 10GB?

Yes, as long Free Space is available. Just Contact Us.

Is there any Traffic/Bandwidth Limit?

No, but its fairuse so in case you abuse it to much you may get suspended.
For the Sake of LES Boxes and the backup server, you should limit it to arround 1MB/s.